Elder Tes Sorae kidnapped: Wife, driver, 2 orderlies shot dead in Edo State

On 28 August, two heavily armed men, suspected to be kidnappers, abducted the Chairman/Managing Director of Tomline Industrial Company Limited, Elder Tes Sorae, popularly known as ‘Tomline Engineering’, in Benin City, Edo State

In the process of seizuring him, the gunmen shot and killed his wife (Mama Ufumwen), his driver and two mobile (anti-riot) policemen. The gunmen are also reported to have shot Elder Soare’s daughter and a female friend of his family.

There are two accounts of the circumstances leading up to the attack. One reports that the armed men had laid siege at Elder Sorae’s Textile Mill residence, while he and his family were away to church. Another said the gunmen, who operated with a Toyota car, trailed their target from Wire Road where he had attended Sunday church service.

As the Elder and his family arrived from church in their black Toyota Jeep and were awaiting the gateman to open the gate and let them in, the gunmen opened fire. After they had killed his wife, driver and orderlies, the gunmen then dragged Elder Sorae away to their own operational vehicle, shooting indiscriminately as they fled.

Sorae’s wounded daughter was rushed to hospital and is reportedly still in a critical condition.

Family sources said some police police officers had visited the house and commenced investigations, but there had been no formal statement. The abductors had also not made any contact with the family.

Sorae is also a leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.


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  1. God, help this country o!

  2. This is bad. What a terrible way to lose 2 members of the family, and the Nigeria Police Force. The criminals must be brought to book.

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