SAFER NIGERIA RESOURCES (SNR) is a project of Safer Africa Group (full name: Safer Africa Security Support Group), registered and based in British Columbia, Canada. Its focus is on supporting the improvement of public safety and security in Nigeria.


The establishment of this project is in furtherance of Safer Africa Group’s primary mission, which is to support the improvement of public safety and security in key African countries. For Nigeria, in particular, it is a response to three critical needs; namely:

a. The growing need for information, knowledge and awareness on public safety and security developments.

b. The need to improve on the solutions – equipment, services, etc – with which government security personnel, corporate establishments and private citizens seek to safeguard lives, public infrastructure and private property.

c. The need for stronger human capacity (more skilled and expert personnel) for the management of crime, conflicts and emergency incidents.


Following from the identified needs, work on SAFER NIGERIA RESOURCES is organised under three major components as follows:

1. SAFER NIGERIA PUBLICATIONS: This provides information and insights on public safety and security for all stakeholders in the country. It offers updates, periodic reviews and special reports on major incidents and developments; highlights major actions by various stakeholders towards improving the security environment; and spotlights security solutions that could enhance these efforts.

2. SAFER NIGERIA PROMOTIONS: This component promotes equipment, services and other security solutions that are considered relevant to the emerging needs of the Nigerian market and environment. It also connects Nigerian buyers/users to manufacturers/dealers of such equipment, fosters partnerships between Nigerian companies and foreign technical partners, and promotes the export of products of Nigerian-based companies.

3. SAFER NIGERIA CAREERS: This component provides information on education, training and career advancement opportunities in various aspects of public safety and security, for the improvement of capacities in the country. Such opportunities include those in Nigeria and abroad. We are currently liaising with some institutions and organizations, to facilitate students applications and admissions to such courses.


SAFER NIGERIA RESOURCES  is coordinated by Nnamdi Obasi.

Obasi was, from 2006 to 2010, Senior Analyst (Nigeria) for the International Crisis Group, one of the world’s leading conflict prevention think-tanks. Prior to that, he was, from 1996 to 2006, a Research Fellow, later Senior Research Fellow, at the African Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, National Defence College, Abuja, Nigeria. Before joining the National Defence College, he had been Chief Leader Writer for the Concord Group of Newspapers, then Nigeria’s largest newspaper organisation, from 1984 to 1994.

Since 2004, he has served as a consultant on political risk, conflicts, peace processes and human security in West Africa, particularly Nigeria. He has also been a regular source of insights and analyses, for both national and international news and research organisations.


You may call us on Tel: +1 250 262 4381 or +234 (0)803 315 5750 or send an Email to: saferafricagroup@gmail.com.


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